Commercial Litigation


The law firm of Coon & Cole has extensive experience in commercial litigation. It is something we do on a daily basis, for a wide variety of businesses and individuals, in a variety of forums, including state court, federal court, bankruptcy court, administrative agencies, arbitration, mediation and appeals.

We routinely handle contract disputes, business and partnership disagreements, construction project claims, bankruptcy adversary proceedings and contested motions, commercial collections, fiduciary disputes, foreclosures, commercial landlord-tenant and real property disputes, divorce and custody matters, and other, garden-variety civil matters.



We routinely provide pre-litigation services to clients who anticipate that their dispute may be heading toward becoming a formal claim. Services we provide during that phase may include contract analysis, document review, legal research, providing formal notice to interested parties, mitigation advice, or engaging in pre-litigation settlement negotiations in an attempt to resolve the dispute at an early juncture. We can also assist clients in identifying and retaining professionals and experts who may be helpful.

Although the time and budget constraints of each case are different, we understand that preparation of a claim or defense is crucial and that there is no such thing as the “perfect case.” We diligently investigate the facts of the case, and we work with our clients to identify the case’s strengths and weaknesses and integrate them into a strategy that is aimed at meeting the client’s goals.



We pride ourselves on pursuing excellence in our cases, being committed to our craft, and dedicated to maintaining the integrity of our profession. These principles apply not only to courtroom advocacy but also to the level of attention we put into our paper filings, our communications with opposing counsel and our approach to discovery and pre-trial motions.

Our team undertakes litigation in a methodical manner. We have a robust motions practice, including preliminary motions, motions for summary judgment, discovery motions and pre-trial motions. As detail-oriented practitioners, we undertake discovery in a meticulous manner, according to the client’s budget.

We genuinely enjoy being in the courtroom, and we advocate zealously and judiciously in our hearings and trials. We understand that every case is different and that there is no “one size fits all” approach to litigation, and we prepare accordingly.

Our skillset extends beyond the initial trial and includes post-trial motions, appeals, and post-judgment enforcement. We have extensive experience in representing judgment creditors and judgment debtors in collection proceedings (e.g. garnishments), as well as in the bankruptcy arena, and we understand that persistence oftentimes pays off.



Some cases need to go all the way to trial (and beyond). But, statistically, the vast majority of civil cases are resolved by the parties reaching a settlement – sometimes early on, and sometimes right before, during or after a trial. We take a holistic approach to litigation and are mindful that mutually agreeable settlements generally provide a more satisfying and economical outcome to businesses and individuals than a long, drawn-out legal battle. We assist our clients in identifying and maximizing potential opportunities to engage in settlement discussions with the opposing party, whether informally through counsel or through a more formal mediation proceeding or judicial settlement conference.

We press hard in negotiations for our clients, and we keep a lookout for creative, outside-the-box solutions to resolve seemingly irreconcilable disputes. As seasoned litigators, we ground our settlement advice to our clients in the particular fact pattern and circumstances of their case as it is being prepared for trial. In addition, we routinely represent and advise clients in their performance under settlement agreements and, when necessary, in litigation to enforce those agreements.


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