Working With Our Team

Hiring a team

Coon & Cole is a tightly-knit group of practitioners who have not only a deep well of knowledge and experience in their fields but also have been working together for many years. When you hire Coon & Cole, you are hiring not only gifted, diligent attorneys but also the larger team of which they are a part.

Each case is unique and presents novel challenges. Oftentimes, tangential issues arise that require a different skillset or proficiency base than the one needed for the initial task. For example, in addition to needing a litigator, a business defending a lawsuit may also benefit from the advice of bankruptcy counsel, and an investor re-titling real estate may benefit from tuning up her corporate organization documents, updating her estate plan or engaging in asset protection planning. Coon & Cole’s deep bench of seasoned attorneys makes it a versatile resource for clients and offers a fuller range of legal support.


Invested in Our Clients

Our clients are our family. We are proud to have represented many of our clients for decades and several for multiple generations. We value our relationship with each client because we are invested in their long-term success. We are not just in it for the case at hand. We take a holistic approach to each case and strive to tie the strategy for each case back to the client’s business goals. We recognize that clients’ businesses, like ours, are multi-generational enterprises, and we have a vested interest in helping them shore up their foundations, grow and stay on the cutting edge in an ever-evolving commercial landscape. We endeavor to be a humble, steady voice of experienced counsel in turbulent times.


The Pursuit of Excellence

We sincerely believe that the practice of law is a noble endeavor in the interest of the public good and that our profession is a vocation of service to our clients. We are committed to excellence in our work and in maintaining a reputation in the legal community for our skill and integrity. We have an aversion to slap-dash efforts and sloppy shortcuts. We believe that every client’s case deserves an attorney’s focus and diligence, from start to finish. We recognize that finishing well is crucial, so we see our cases through to the very end. Likewise, it has been our experience that there is no substitute for thorough planning before implementing a legal strategy, and, wherever feasible, we strongly encourage our clients to frontload their cases with due diligence, investigation and brainstorming. We are big believers in identifying the client’s goals and intentions at the inception of the case and then tying future developments in the case back to the client’s initial goal as a yardstick.

We are sticklers for the facts and pay close attention to the details of each case, understanding that factual nuances can make all the difference. Particularly in litigation and bankruptcy cases, in which the parties have disclosure requirements and in which courts scrutinize documents and witness testimony, we demand from our clients an ongoing diligence to preserve, uncover and organize information relevant to their case. We seek to guide our clients through the discovery process with care and precision.


Reasonable Fees

The Firm is conscious that hiring a lawyer is a significant expense and that many clients do not have a “legal” line item in their budgets. We also acknowledge that the nature of the legal industry is such that we can never guarantee that fees on a case will not exceed a certain figure because every case is unique in how much time and effort it will take to complete it, due to a variety of factors beyond our control, such as court-imposed filings/deadlines, how litigious opposing counsel may be, how urgently legal work may be needed, unforeseen complications (including facts uncovered during due diligence or discovery), and how many parties may be involved in a particular transaction, to name a few. Therefore, we do our best to communicate with clients prior to engagement and during their case, to keep them informed of the fees being incurred and to look for opportunities to save them money. We issue our invoices on a monthly basis and always invite our clients to contact us with questions regarding specific time entries, as well as the overall fee due. As much as possible, we counsel our clients regarding the potential benefits to performing non-essential legal work in the case and the potential downsides to not performing it, so our clients can make informed decisions on where to spend their limited resources. Although many factors are beyond our control, we still work our hardest to accomplish the task within the client’s stated budget. Defying stereotypes and in the face of market pressures, our Firm has remained committed to providing affordable legal services and prides itself as providing “big-firm representation at a small-firm price.”